What is Paintless Dent Repair ?

Paintless Dent Repair is an alternative to a conventional body work and paint. It is the fastest, most efficient, cost-effective method of removing door dings and minor dents without refinishing your car. In fact, it is the most environmentally cleanest way to get your vehicle repaired without using any paint or chemicals.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is "the art of massaging metal back into its original form". PDR is considered as "new wave" of technology of auto body repair. It is not typical DIY and should be left for professionals. It takes many years of training and experience to be able to perform any work on cars. PDR can't be achieved by only buying/using special tools. It is not typical job. In fact it is an art.


How long does Paintless Dent Repair take?

The repair of a single dime to quarter size ding will take under a half an hour and multiple dings usually within an hour. Repair time depends mostly on the depth and location of dent. Even though larger or complex dents and creases will take extra time, most repairs are completed within two hours.

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How Does PDR work?

The PDR techs at ARS DENT Repair using a special line board or the LED light to reflect a light pattern across the area that have to be repaired. An experienced technician with acute hand-eye coordination will access the damaged panel from behind, using uniquely handcrafted tools and years of experience in PDR to gently manipulate and massage the panel back to its pre-accident condition, leaving the existing factory finish undisturbed. Paintless dent removal can be applied on steel and aluminum panels. 

Is Our work guaranteed?

Yes! We offer a 100% customer's satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy or dissatisfied with our work, it will be free of charge. The technicians at ARS Dent repair will advise you on the best method of repair and the expected results. In case where bodywork is recommended but PDR is the customers chosen method, the technician will explain in details what the expected results will be.

Do I have to bring my vehicle to the repair facility?

No. In most cases, paintless dent repair and door ding removal can be achieved at our customers location. Our mobile units currently serving Baltimore and surrounding areas. Please email or text message us your photos for a free quick quote.

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