Hail Damage Repair

hail damage baltimore maryland columbia annapolisSerious hail damage may occur when your car is parked outside during a hail storm. The threat of hail damage exists across the country for most of the four seasons. Ice spheres produced by a hail storm can cause an extensive damage, especially on hood, roof and trunk of your vehicle. In worst cases, as it pounds your car, hail can break your windshields.

The most effective way to repair a hail damaged car is by choosing PDR or paintless dent repair. Hail damage repair specialists at Ars Dent Repair are trained and certified by industry leaders and can restore your vehicle to like a new pre-hail condition. Our team will remove those dents by using a variety of tools, methods and special skills.

Unlike many competitors who come to Baltimore / DC area only when there is a hail storm and leave as soon as they have lined their pockets, Ars Dent Repair will be around for the long haul, standing behind our customers and work. Not every paintless dent repair company or auto body shop is equipped and trained to handle hail damage repair. Hail damaged car requires a distinct set of repair skills and tools which not every repair shop will have. It is wise to look for repair facility that knows how to properly repair your hail damaged vehicle specifically.

Ars Dent Repair recommends on insisting to receive an estimate in writing, detailing the scope of work that have to be performed on your car. If you heed the advice presented above, your car will be as good as new again. If your vehicle got hit with a recent hail storm and your are looking for the best hail damage repair service in Baltimore or surrounding areas, look no further. Ars Dent Repair will come to your location to provide with free estimate. We will offer the most affordable and best quality solution to fix any dents on your car or truck. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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