Headlight Restoration Services

Is your headlights scratched, discolored or foggy? Do they lack the brightness they used to have? Before replacing those expensive original headlights consider our Headlight Restoration Service.

Environmental damage such as harmful effects of of the sun, dirt and grime from road cause scratches, oxidation and discoloration of headlights. Compromising your vehicle appearance and night vision, creating a dangerous situation when driving at night. Your vehicle safety can be improved by Ars Dent Repair's innovative restoration process. We will increase the amount of light projecting from your vehicle and restore to it's showroom condition. Replacement headlights at local dealers can cost as much as $1400, not including the installation fees. Ars Dent Repair will restore your headlights for the small fraction of the cost of replacement.

Headlight Restoration Baltimore Maryland
Headlight restoration
Why should you restore your headlights? Lets name a few reasons:

  • Night vision can be reduced by 95% by dull and oxidized headlights, jeopardizing safety of yours and your beloved ones.
  • Headlight restoration will improve the look and value of your car, making it easy to sell or trade-in your vehicle.

Call Ars Dent Repair now and discover how our technicians can eliminate foggy headlights, improve safety and look of your beautiful car.

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