Meet Arslan Gadz

Arslan Gadz owns and operates Ars Dent Repair since 2016.

He established his dent removal company with customers in mind. His goal is to provide high-quality dent repair and customer service.

100% Customer satisfaction is his top priority. Arslan doesn't settle for no other than perfection.

Arslan has been in the auto body and collision industry since the age of 14.

His father thought him to work hard to get the best from life.

Arslan in the Turkish language means a Lion. It also stands for honesty, integrity, and pride. Arslan implements them all in life and business.

Despite his success, Arslan's greatest joys are spending time with his family of four kids and helping inspire and educate others to succeed.

If you look for professional dent repair services in Baltimore or surrounding areas, look no further. Arslan has skills and necessary tools to make sure your dents are gone!

In this photo Arslan Gadz is the owner and the technician of Ars Dent Repair. He is very passionate about Paintless dent repair and takes a tremendous pride in his craft.

About Arslan Gadz

The secret of my success is very simple. Honesty, Integrity and Pride in whatever I do.

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I am Arslan Gadz.

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