Auto Hail Damage Repair

Whether you have a hail or acorn damage, Ars Dent Repair will ensure the utmost quality of repair in a timely manner.

Lifetime warranty. All repairs are backed with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.

Most effective choice. The paintless dent removal process is the fastest and the most effective way of removing dents and dings caused by a hail storm.

Fast turnaround time. The repair process takes only a few days and not weeks or months like traditional body repair and paint shops.

Save original factory paint. The process we use to repair dents is the least invasive. It doesn't damage original factory paint, doesn't leave any marks on surface and restores your vehicle 100% to original pre-accident condition.

Avoid diminished value. Did you know that a vehicle that was altered by a traditional body repair shop loses its value by up to 70%? Ars Dent Repair doesn't alter your vehicles in any way. We massage your dents out without damaging the paint.

Environmentally friendly service. This repair process doesn't require the use of any toxic harsh chemicals that affect the environment.

Why choose Ars Dent Repair? We guarantee your 100% satisfaction or its free of charge. Also, all our repairs are backed by a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.

What a great job.. Sent him a picture on Sunday and he came right out. A very reasonable estimate. Great customer service. Would definitely recommend him to anyone
Vloging Zachb
20:23 29 Oct 17
Arslan did an outstanding job removing a dent from a shopping cart that hit both driver side doors on my car. He even went above and beyond to repair a preexisting door ding that was there from the day I got it. His quote over the phone was accurate and reasonable. Less expensive than body shop quotes. Extremely pleased with the work and would highly recommend without hesitation!
Jeffrey Richards
00:30 25 Oct 17
Excellent service, I had a huge dent after smashing into a pole. My first reaction was, I am out of about 2,000 or more. After thinking outside of the box and contacting Ars, my car looks better than before the impact! I am completely in shock!
Steven Webb
16:37 15 Nov 17
The quality of the work is amazing! He took the time to take out a difficult dent right on the body line without cracking the paint (this takes a lot of skill). Fast response on quote request, very accommodating to your schedule, and very competitive pricing. I would highly recommend their services.
Eduardo Noboa
15:46 27 Aug 17
Arslan is great! Know what hes doing, is very courteous and honest!! Would recomend him to anyone and will def call him up again next time I need a repair.
Nick N
03:40 06 Dec 17
Outstanding! That's the only way to describe Arslan's work. Very timely, came in potentially bad weather (snow), and did just an amazing repair for, I think, a very reasonable price. In fact I told him he should charge more just because of the effort he puts forth, not to mention the amazing quality of his workmanship. My wife's brand new car is now whole again! Thank You Again Arslan.
Buffalo Bill
13:13 16 Dec 17
Couldn’t have been easier. Sent pictures through text message. Got a quote within minutes. The sent my address through text. He showed up on time and did a perfect job. I strongly recommend his services
benjamin florian
01:25 23 Dec 17
My Dodge Durango Citadel had dent in the right rear passenger door. The body shop wasn’t certain they could repair it less than $800. He repaired it for the quoted price of $125. I am 100% satisfied with the work. The door dent, which was the size of a quarter, is completely gone. The gentleman was on time!!! He was courteous!! The best of all he came to my home!!I will 100% use him again!!!!!!
Lenwood Hall
03:16 31 Dec 17
Very friendly, super meticulous. Would not stop until it was perfect. I’d recommend ARS as the only dent repair company in Maryland.Definitely will use him again next time a dent shows up!
Joshua Muse
20:01 07 Jan 18
Arslan set up quickly and worked very diligently on the door dent on my Mazda6. The dent was directly on the character line which extends through the rear quarter panel. When he finished 90 minutes later, it looked as new. I highly recommend his service and I will have him work on a Miata I also own in the upcoming months.
19:33 08 Jan 18
Very prompt with quote, showed up on time, very polite. Completed the work in just one hour at my house & the car looks like new. I highly recommend calling Arslan before going to a body shop. Reasonable price & convenient.
00:03 15 Jan 18
Extremely satisfied with his work, I was very nervous and apprehensive about having someone fix the dent because it was a very expensive new car but he is totally trustworthy and knows what he is doing. His expertise is unmatched. Make an appt. with him while you can before he gets too popular! I am for sure saving his phone number. Great, great work Arslan.
Brendon Hudson
22:25 30 Jan 18
I had a small dent in my door, it took half the time as expected. I didn’t have to go to a busy shop and they were on time. I was more than impressed with the results and will recommend them to everyone I know.
Nettie Pear
22:26 05 Feb 18
Found this place online and it had great views so I decided to give them a try. I'm so happy I did! Arslan did a great job getting the dents out my car door and he came to me. I would definitely recommend him.
Inika Coleman
18:20 14 Feb 18
As as advertised, ARS is a craftsman at work. No fancy "pop goes the dent" tools or gizmos. Just a skillful hand, finesse and patience. Very satisfied and impressed with outcome, and a very polite and pleasant fellow to boot! I hope I'm not back again, but will not hesitate if required.
Todd Miller
23:27 15 Feb 18
Very easy process....sent him pics of the dent & he texted back an estimated price. We setup the appointment and he arrived on time. He was courteous & professional. The repair was flawless. The estimated price was the price. I would definitely recommend him.
andy drummer
19:04 26 Apr 18
Such a great service. I had a dime size ding in the lower piece of my mustang convertible door. Most people probably would ignore it being that it was so small, but it was all I saw when I looked at my car. The removal took about an hour and was done in my drive way. Very convenient, and very pleased with the outcome.
Aaron Buck
22:13 28 Apr 18
They did an excellent job of removing a sizable dent from my driver's side door. They were on time, polite, and professional. The end result was excellent. Very convenient to get an estimate and schedule an appointment.
Andy Harris
17:17 13 Apr 18
Wow! This was amazing. He was on-time, and did a great job for a great price. I texted him a picture, and he texted me a price. This was a pretty big dent in the corner of the front fender. The car looks good as new. He did it all at my house so I didn't have to take the car to a shop. I am not sure I have had a better customer service experience.
Donald Tobin
21:32 29 Apr 18
Arslan was quick to respond to my inquiry and was able to make it out the very next day. He was punctual and when doing his work, was very meticulous and precise. I would recommend him to anyone that needs some dent repair done for their vehicle.
22:36 07 Apr 18
Ars is a genius. Someone dinged my brand new car in the parking lot. I was worried. He fixed the car as if it was never hit. The car was fixed in his first visit but he had to leave sooner due to rain. However, he did a follow up visit to make sure it was perfect. Great service.
Nabeel K. Choudhry
16:13 27 Jun 18
Ars Dent Repair LLC did a fantastic job fixing the hail damage on my 2016 Ford F250 and 2002 Toyota Avalon. Repairs were accomplished at my home and in a timely manner. Asrlan was professional, courteous, and through with the work, he is truly an artist.When the repairs were complete it was like the damage never even happened. I highly recommend his work and will use Ars Dent Repair in the future should the occasion make it necessary.
K Breeze
18:54 03 Jun 18
Truly outstanding service! Arslan was quick to respond to my request to fix a large dent near the tail light, showed up on time, explained what he was going to do, and diligently worked on the car for several hours. The result was a sight to behold -- the dent had totally and completely disappeared. I am beyond delighted and would recommend ARS Dent Repair without any hesitation.
Rakesh Mital
15:32 22 Jun 18
Very friendly and honest guy! Polished out a paint issue for no charge b/c he could not fix dent! Looks much better! Even suggested a inexpensive website to help save me $$$ while fixing elsewhere. Highly recommend and would call him for another issue anytime!
Sarah Dupre
20:23 01 Dec 18
Ars provided great consultation prior to beginning the work and completely exceeded my expectations once finished. My dent was no longer visible and he was able to retain the natural line and curves of the car. Him coming on-site made it incredibly convenient. He takes great pride in his art and it shows! 100% will be recommending to all my friends and family.
Jason Michael
18:56 27 Nov 18
Fantastic job. Very personable person. Did exactly what he said he would do. The job is better than I expected. For the price of the job the quality of the work was more than fair.
Mark Lamos
01:00 23 Jan 19
Very satisfied customer. I went in for a dent on my passenger side rear door. Arslan worked the dent out professionally and even touched up a portion on my hood at no cost. I really appreciate that. I definitely recommend this company.
James Leseane
23:58 20 Jan 19
A pleasure doing business with Ars! Had him repair one large dent and a few dings on my car. He was able to give me a very reasonable quote and came out to do the job a day later. He is very friendly, professional and shared many tips with me while he repaired my dents. He was quickly able to remove the dents as if they were never even there! Hopefully I never get another, but if I do, I will definitely be giving him a call!
Jose R
13:55 20 Nov 18
They are excellent at what they do. Truly impressed. Thank you for saving my Bentley from getting repainted
Yaris Toy
22:58 18 Feb 19
Had a small dent in my accord that I purchased a year ago. Looking at the reviews, it seemed like a good place and I was amazed with the work they did! 10/10 satisfied and would recommend to anyone!
SeongJoon Bae
02:09 12 Jun 19
Exceptional work! We thought the dent and scratch would be greatly improved but we were amazed to find absolutely no trace of it left. Great service; superior results!
Arslan is an artist. If you have a high end car and have the misfortune of having someone slam their door into your car and leave a dent. This is your guy. Fast response, amazing results, and reasonable price. I can not recommend him enough.
Ken Kessinger
16:42 25 May 19
I am extremely pleased with the service here. Arslan is very nice and professional. Prior to my visit, getting a quote for my dent removal was quick and easy, fast response. He also kept me informed about my upcoming appointment. This guy knows about cars and can definitely get any dent out. Thanks! ARS Dent repair you are the best.
Courtney Bowling
17:22 27 May 19
Arslan is the best! Guarantees satisfaction, extremely reasonably priced, super fast communication, and my car looked perfect when he was finished. If you are looking for paintless dent/ding repair you have come to the right place. He takes his craft seriously and his work is phenomenal. Highly recommended.
Fernando Jimenez
23:37 29 May 19
Incredible! Ars Dent Repair is amazing. I am very happy with the workmanship. The service was exactly what I was expecting and Arslan is truly gifted. I would definitely recommend his shop to anyone looking for quality dent removal.
Alison Brown
23:34 23 Aug 19
Arslan is a true craftsman. Its just amazing how is able to move metal, and strives for an achieves perfection. What he does borders on art. And how many technicians will let you watch them perform their magic, and explain their craft as they do it. Here forward I am going to avoid a regular body shop for anything except a major repair.
Tom Hines
17:14 04 Aug 19
Arslan is absolutely a superior craftsman that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants the best repair for their vehicle. Watching the process was truly fascinating. Outstanding Job, could not be happier.
DF Camara
15:50 11 Aug 19
Superb Service! I have to say it was a real pleasure to work with Arslan. He responded to my request on a Saturday night. Who does that? That should tell you about his level of commitment. He sent me an estimate that night and showed up early for the appointment at my home. Arslan repaired a dent that was on a crease and it looks perfect. I would definitely use him again.
Carl Ward
19:49 11 Jul 19
I can’t begin to describe the great work at ARS. I wish I could rate higher than 5 stars. The door ding in my new X5 looks as though it was never there. I am beyond happy and the fact that I didn’t have to drive to a shop just adds to my overwhelming pleasure. He came to my home on a Sunday and 40 minutes later no more ding.
Morgan Hall
16:40 23 Jun 19
Excellent service. I had a pretty severe door ding that was quite sharp. He had the dent gone in 50 minutes, and was very helpful in providing me recommendations for paint repair (due to the severity and sharpness, the paint was actually ripped off). Coming to my location was very helpful, and the pricing was completely reasonable for a high quality service. Highly recommend if you have the misfortune of needing dent repair.
Mary Rimi
21:57 12 Nov 19
I am beyond impressed with ARS Dent Repair! I have shared my pictures online I am so happy with the results. Cost less than my deductible and $900 less than the auto repair quote. I honestly didn't expect to see such amazing perfect results. And he went beyond and cleaned my headlights.
Melissa Craumer
21:29 01 Nov 19
Can't say enough good things about ARS! I reached out on a Sunday (not expecting a response) but got one within an hour. They came out the next day and repaired a fairly severe dent in my bumper. What was more impressive was how they set my expectations so that I knew what the final repair might look like - not surprisingly it turned out even better! I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs dents removed.
David Roseman
12:05 14 Nov 19
Arslan is a true professional. His work on my car was scheduled promptly, completed to extremely high quality, and all done at a fair price. I even hung around to spend some time chatting with him about cars. All around a great guy that really knows what he's doing when it comes to dent repair. I cannot recommend ARS Dent Repair highly enough!
Tony G
15:10 17 Sep 19
Ars was great. He came in pretty early on the weekend and was willing to see me last minute. I thought the repair would've needed more invasive work and repainting, but Ars fixed it in less than an hour without any additional paint. I can't recommend this guy enough.
Andrew Del Rosario
01:29 13 Sep 19

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Ars Dent Repair using PDR or paintless dent repair method to remove hail dents from your vehicle. It is the best alternative compared to a traditional body shop. Without grinding, sanding, filling, covering the damage, our technicians get behind the dents with specialized tools and very carefully massage the dents out without damaging the paint. Paintless dent repair process we use is advanced and superior to traditional bodywork and environmentally friendly.

If you haven't filed a claim with your insurance, have no worries. We can assist you with that and make the whole process as smooth and comfortable as possible. The repair time varies on the severity, size, and location of the dents. We understand getting your vehicle back on the road hassle-free and without sacrificing lots of time is essential. We are here to help and ensure the highest quality repair and customer service!

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