Paintless Dent Repair

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Mobile Paintless Dent Repair


Dents and scratches take away from your vehicle’s beautiful appearance. Have you ever considered mobile paintless dent repair? PDR or paintless dent repair utilizes special tools and skills to remove door dings, dents, creases and hail damage. Without damaging original surface of your car and often cheaper then a regular body shop.

Our dent repair technicians are trained and certified by industry leaders. Only latest innovative technologies and tools used at Ars Dent Repair to repair dents or scratches without affecting a vehicle’s superior factory paint.

Whether you drive an old or a new car, it is always disappointing to see a new dent or scratch. There are many reasons why dents and scratches happen. Usually it is at fault of another driver or the weather.

You don’t have to accept new dents or scratches on your car because We offer mobile paintless dent repair services. At your home or office, Ars Dent Repair will remove unwanted dents or scratches from your vehicle. Customer satisfaction is offered by Ars Dent Repair or no charge applied.

What are the advantages of paintless dent repair? We would like to name few:

  •  PDR will help you to retain original superior parts and finish.
  •  PDR will help you to retain pre-accident value and condition.
  •  PDR will help you to avoid vehicle history reports ( CarFax, InstaVin, VinCheck).
  • PDR will save you money (sometimes up to 70% to traditional body shops)
  • PDR offers faster turn-around time ( Typical dent the size of quarter or smaller takes 30 mins to 1 hour ) 

By choosing Ars Dent Repair mobile paintless dent repair services, you don’t have to find a time to travel to a body shop. Most dent and scratch repair services can be done at your home or office, and only takes 1-2 hours.

It has never been so easy to get a free Quote on dent or scratch removal. You can call us or send photos of dents to 443-722-0032. We are confident that you will find our paintless dent repair process painless.

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