Motorcycle Tank dent repair

Motorcycle Tank Dent Repair

Did you get a dent on your motorcycle tank or fender?

Don't stress yourself about it! Ars Dent Repair can help you remove these nagging dents.

Unlike traditional body repair and paint shops, we can restore your motorcycle to its original condition without the need for applying any fillers or paint.

We are based in Baltimore Maryland. However, we also offer services by mail!

Simply drain your tank and remove it from your motorcycle, pack it and mail it to us.

The repair process can take up to 4 hours to complete.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or it's free of charge.

We treat every motorcycle or car like it is our own!

How Dents Repaired?

Repairing dents on motorcycle gas tanks and fenders can be very tricky.

First, your gas tank has to be emptied and removed from a motorcycle.

For the best results, your tank has to be installed on a special vise stand.

That helps us to keep your tank secured firmly and perform cross-checking at all possible angles!

Motorcycle Gas Tank Vise

The repair process is done with custom-designed stainless steel rods by applying gentle pressure from the backside of the damaged area.

This is a very delicate process that requires years of experience to master these skills.

Check out this video and see how it's done!

Have questions? Simply call or text at 443-722-0032 or fill out contact form and we will contact you ASAP!