Motorcycle gas tank paintless dent repair

Motorcycle gas tank paintless dent repair

Repairing dents on motorcycle gas tanks and fenders requires high expertise in paintless dent repair. Many factors including location of the dent, size, depth, access to the indentation, type of motorcycle ( sports bike or cruiser ) can play a significant role in getting final results.

So, how the repair process works? First, motorcycle gas tank or fender must be completely removed from a bike. That will ensure high-quality results. If it's Harley Davidson motorcycle fuel injection will have to be removed as well.

Then, it is installed on a special gas tank vise that was designed for motorcycle dent repair. 

Motorcycle Gas Tank Vise

Once a tank installed a dent repair technician, have to access the dent from inside with special tools and slowly massage the dent out. We remove your dent slowly without damaging original paint.

Repairing motorcycle gas tanks requires years of experience. It is more difficult than fixing dents on cars because of the thickness of the metal that is made of, and it's curvature.

Ars Dent Repair also provides motorcycle gas tank repair across the USA. If you are from a different city, state, you can ship your dented gas tank to us by mail.

Once we repair it, we will ship it back to you. Please allow us 2 - 3 business days for the shipping process.

Not all dents and tanks are the same. Dent repair prices and turn-around time varies. The repair process may take anywhere from 1 - 5 hours depending on size, depth, location, access, and type of tank.

We can reassure you with the best final results without harming your original or custom finish. Our paintless dent repair method is not only the most preferred but also cost-effective way of removing dents from a motorcycle while preserving original value.

For more information, please contact us at 443-722-0032.

In this photo Arslan Gadz is the owner and the technician of Ars Dent Repair. He is very passionate about Paintless dent repair and takes a tremendous pride in his craft.

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Hello! My name is Arslan Gadz.
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